Welcome to the Ohio Valley Chapter of SETAC



  Call for Nominations for Board of Directors 

The Ohio Valley Chapter of SETAC is currently accepting nominations for several positions on their Board of Directors.


There are two Board of Directors Member positions open; these positions have three-year terms.  There are also 2 open positions for Student Representatives, who serve a one-year term.  All Board of Directors Members and the Student Representative participate in a monthly conference call and assist in all aspects of planning and presenting the Annual OVC Meeting.


The President-Elect position is also currently open.  This is a three-year commitment, but the actual year of Presidency would have the most time commitment.  You will serve as the President-Elect one year (2013); President (2014); and as Past President (2015).  This is a very rewarding position.

Please consider serving as a BOD Member, and send your nominations by November 21st, 2012. If you are interested or would like to nominate anyone, please e-mail the nominations to Becky Braeutigam at bbraeutigam@bheenvironmental.com.

The regional Ohio Valley Chapter of SETAC is a group of volunteers dedicated to improving our regional network of scientists, regulators, and educators. Founded in 1984, OVC SETAC organizes small regional scientific conferences for us to meet our neighbors and potential collaborators, become familiar with advances in many environmental fields, and give opportunities (and sometimes money!) to students to present their work and meet new mentors.

We have more than 80 members from OH, KY, IN and MI that are involved with developing workshops and timely discussions of topics of both regional and national interest.

Your involvement in helping us achieve our goals for 2012 is encouraged. We are:

1. Continuing to expand our member participation. Key efforts include:

  • Hosting an annual meeting;
  • Encouraging greater involvement in local and regional scientific communities through outreach and volunteer activities; and
  • Garnering more financial support from an Affiliate/Sustaining membership drive.

2. Creating forums for relationship building through more frequent information exchange via:

  • Use of the web page to facilitate dialogue
  • Posting of a quarterly OVC Newsletter
  • Emailing to our larger quad-state SETAC North America membership
  • Encouraging local gatherings/dinner meetings